We wanted to create a safe, encouraging + supportive space for therapists at any stage in their journey. From students to more experienced therapists, we felt there was a missing link between supervision and workplace support for skill and confidence building, business support and community for the wonderful (but also challenging role) of being a therapist. 

-The Thriving Therapists

Hi, we're Kat & Aimee

We are best friends and therapists, who know how wonderful (but sometimes daunting) it can be working in this field.

And just like you, we have felt the familiar self-doubt and imposterism, and know just how much it can take a toll on our confidence both clinically and personally.

With over ten years working in the field of psychology, we direct and work in our dream private practice The Psych Collaborative. Our mission is to thrive not just in the therapy chair, but outside it too.

Because we believe, life is meant to be lived!

We saw a lot of burnout in our field, so we went on a mission to see if we can have it all, clinical confidence, work-life balance, a career we loved and life outside of work. We found that in order to have it all, we needed to be more self-assured within ourselves. Now as a result, we work with our ideal clients, we have achieved sustainable, work-life balance and have become more confident, bold and empowered therapists.

And we want to share exactly how we did this with - no gatekeeping here!

We can’t wait to spill the tea with you.