To niche, or not to niche?

Maybe you've heard niching spoken about, but maybe you have some hesitancies with niching

Maybe you're worried it will shut you off from potential clients

Or perhaps you think you should be diversifying your skills

Maybe you feel it's too early in your career to niche?

What if we told you this?

  • Niching make you a more ethically sound therapist
  • Niching allows greater scope for client progress
  • Niching lays the groundwork for accelerating clinical confidence and clinical expertise
  • Niching increases visibility to prospective clients
  • Niching can actually help you to avoid therapist burnout

Niching is not just something we recommend only for those with specific skills, it's something we recommend for ALL therapists.

Being clear on who you want to support in your practice, and having a clearly articulated niche will make your clinical practice flow with more ease and give you the greatest chance to thrive as a therapist.

what's included?

50 minute webinar + activities

Take home workbook

Certificate of completion

1 hour CPD

How to Find Your Niche as a Therapist